Our time as breeders has not always been fun.

In the past we have lost animals that all had a special place in our hearts.

We miss these lovely animals with grief

but will always remember them with joy.



Kavekattens Berúthiel

July 26th 2004 -

February 22th 2010


My beloved white diamond.




DK Arjuna's Trolderina

March 3th 3006 -

September 13th 2009


Our precious little girl








Boyzone av Karitzy

December 18th 2002 -

January 5th 2009


My wonderful irreplaceable boy






Trolltantens Lady Marion

15. April 15th 2006 -

January 2th 2008


Our little doll




April 13. 1999 -

October 16. 2006


Our precious little girl.


She was such a great dog who loved our guests, loved our neighbours and loved us more than anything.

She had her own special way of saying hello to us - carrying one of her teddybears in the mouth and growling at the same time.

It was so cute.


Unfortunately she didn't have that same love for our cats and one day she couldn't take it anymore.


You leave a huge emty space in our hearts



DK Arjuna's Twister

July 7. 2006 -

October 14. 2006


Twister went though so much in his short life, but despite all his unfortune he managed to get the best out of every single day.

He was our little Dare Devil - always ending up at places where no kitten had been before and living his live "on the edge" with all his stunts.


One saturday evening he had his last - and fatal - stunt

He played on our dog..


You deserved a much longer life Cutiepie



DK Arjuna's Tabby Boeuf Ling

April 10. 2004 -

September 20. 2004


Tabby was a wonderful little cat. She was always happy, always full of trouble, always in the mood to play and always ready to give you a hug.


Died of Peritonitis.


You will always be in our hearts sweatheart



Swe-Scot Giselle

December 13. 1996 -

November 26. 2003


Sille was a gorgeus cat. She was a bit shy in the beginning, but that changed and she turned into a lovely girl with a big personallity. She was Daddy's little girl.


Cause of death: Unknown


We miss you so very much pretty girl



The ones we also miss

Our thoughts go to the families


DK Arjuna's Merlin the Wizard

September 7. 2004 -

July 2006

DK Arjuna's Comte Rouge

March 16. 2004 -

May 26. 2005