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Balinese, Siamese, Oriental & Javanese: 




 Siamese & Balinese - Bali-Kitten

Balinese & Oriental Longhair - DK Balisia

Siamese & Oriental Shorthair - DK Battlefield's

Siamese - DK Elegantia

Balinese & OLH DK Falk-Kitten

Siamese &Oriental Shorthair - Feles Grata

Balinese & Siamese - Gypsy Star

Oriental shorthair & Longhair - House of Lancarrow

Oriental shorthair & Longhair - Nyx

Oriental Shorthair - Petheaven

Oriental Shorthair & a few Siamese - Piltoft's

Siamese & Oriental Shorthair - Tværmose's

Siamese & Oriental Shorthair - DK Ultra's







Siamese & Balinese - Attack's

Siamese & Balinese - av Karitzy

Balinese, Oriental short- & longhair - af Yum-Yum







Siamese & Oriental Shorthair - FIN*Arhantin

Balinese, Oriental Longhair & Seychellois - Skazki


S'Dream of Silk - Balinese

A'Famosa - Balinese & Oriental Longhair

S*Jerremiaz - Balinese, Oriental short- & longhair

S*Merlions - Balinese & Oriental Longhair







Mirrormere - Balinese

Naidoo - Siamese, Balinese, ORL & ORS

Shelby-Cobra's - Siamese

Von Amor - Siamese, Balinese, ORL & ORS

von Verde Antico - Siamese & Oriental Shorthair




of Blue Moon - Balinese & Siamese




Fearbhail - Siamese & Oriental Shorthair

Quasana - Balinese, OLH, OSH and Seychellois




Oltremare - Siamese & Oriental Shorthair





Felis Danica

There are 4 main clubs under Felis Danica in Denmark - JYRAK, DARAK, Racekatten & Katteklubben, and we are members of JYRAK

Dansk Siameser & Orientaler ring is a special club for siamese, oriental, balinese & javanese



Other breeds:



NFO - DK Missies

DK Yesterday's - Persians & Exotics

somali - Timbavati

Beydana - Burmese

Maine Coons - Pitho

Brisella - British Shorthair

Abyssinians - Tick-Tag

Sea Coon's - Ocicat







Non breeders


Donna & Ditte

Indra, Troll & Tail

Faramir & Adele




Other homepages:


Help fight FIP - an english page about the feared disease FIP

Kattehandel -  a danish page. Cats for a better life

Dr. Susan Little - One of the greatest feline vetenerians in the world

Killingelisten - a danish page where you can sell your pedigreed cats

Dyrenettet - a danish page where you can buy or sell your animal whether it is dog, cat, horse or bird

Vildkatten - a danish page for grown up cats who needs to be replaced

Royal Canin - The danish page